15 Hottest Kitchen Renovation Trends to Count on

Kitchen renovations can be tricky, and where do you start anyway? If you do your research and consult friends who have already gone through it, you can get an idea of how the kitchen renovation process works. You will need to invest a good amount of money so be sure you are going to love the outcome. To do this, consider incorporating some of the latest kitchen renovation designs trends so you create something stylish and up to date.

Latest Kitchen Renovation Styles to Embrace

1. Matte Finishes: Matte finish accessories have become popular in recent years for their smooth and polished appearance. Matte appliances and cabinetry look enticing and are unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. Moreover, you can clean and maintain them easily.

2. Minimalist design: When it comes to a kitchen redesign, less is more. As the kitchen is where you prepare food, it must be neat and organized, with minimal clutter. To add a contemporary touch, replace moldings and solid finishes with clean lines to embrace the trending minimalist design.

3. Earthy tones: While luminous white kitchens are all about sophistication, earthy tones are mainly about rich appearance and subtle appeal. Include nature-inspired colours in the space to invoke a positive feeling and add warmth to your refined kitchen.

4. Darker shades: Nowadays, homeowners are experimenting with dark base colors with earthy undertones. Although not easy to pull off, it gives an elegant finish if the blend is done right. Note: darker hues are easy to maintain and remain intact a long time.

5. Hygge: The Danish concept of Hygge, which promotes feelings of cosiness and comfort in the home, has become a very popular kitchen design style. It makes your kitchen an ideal place to unwind and a fun place to cook. By making little changes, you can also increase space and storage solutions.

6. Spanish and Moroccan tiles: If you want to add a little vibrancy to your kitchen, Spanish and Moroccan tiles have made a comeback and are a great way to and give your kitchen a sophisticated look.

7. Warmer appearance: Homeowners are avoiding white and including rich colours and finishes to give their kitchens a warmer look. Although a white cooking area seems elegant, it can also look dull if the decor is not done properly.

8. Quartz countertops: Quartz and granite countertops are more elegant than concrete ones owing to their matte texture. While homeowners have been spending on granite countertops for decades, they are also adopting quartz has a countertop and backsplash material.

9. Grid Motifs: Grid motifs are widely used nowadays in industrial kitchen stylings to create clean and symmetrical straight lines. Use black for your doors, windows, and cabinet legs to create an excellent contrast.

10. Mix and match: Try combining cabinets, flooring, and other styles to create your own unique mix. Adding your own personality means not having to stick to the most common design styles.

11. Terrazzo surfaces: Terrazzo tiles emerged in the 1950s, enjoyed a revival in the ‘80s, and continue to be popular because they add life to the dullest kitchen space.

12. Smart designs: Technology has made its way into our kitchens. Install remote light controls, smart screens, and technologically advanced appliances for a high-tech kitchen that stands out.

13. Gold and black: Black appliances and cabinetry with gold accent finishes add a vintage touch to your kitchen.

14. Induction cooking: Induction burners promote safety, functionality and visual appeal equally, which is why every modern kitchen needs them. They use less heat, keep kitchens cool during cooking, and make surfaces safe to touch. These advanced cooktops are great replacements for range hoods and come in several designs.

15. Banquette seating: Customized banquette seating is becoming increasingly popular as it brings families together during meals. It also makes your kitchen unique and boosts the value of your home.


Kitchen cabinet & counter space

Checkout some fascinating banquette seating images on Pinterest.

If you are thinking about kitchen remodelling, the above trending designs are sure to make your   kitchen look like it has come straight out of a magazine. But remember proper planning is a must. The better you plan your renovation, the more satisfactory will be the results. A good kitchen renovation company can help you design your dream kitchen and suggest your most suitable products including countertops, cabinets and backsplashes.

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