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Sleek bathroom vanities alone cannot achieve the tidy and well-organized look that you want your bathroom to have. You must install the right kind of storage units too.

Euroline Kitchens Ltd is your destination if you are looking to design or remodel your bathroom with fine cabinets. As custom cabinet makers in Mississauga, we can design and install bathroom cabinets that help you make the best use of the space available in your traditional, transitional, rustic or modern bathroom.

Cabinets for odd-shaped bathrooms

Some bathrooms are not perfect squares or rectangles. Not to worry; we can create cabinets to fit rare-shaped or asymmetrical bathrooms.

Cabinets for seniors & people who are physically challenged

We can make low-rise easy-to-operate cabinets for bathrooms that will be used by a physically challenged person or by the most senior members of the family.

Cabinet sizes and positions

Based on the dimensions of your bathroom, we can install base cabinets or wall-mounted cabinets. Sizes may vary from 24 inches to 61 inches or more.

Free consultation for bathroom renovation

Besides designing and installing bathroom cabinets in and around Mississauga, we also provide bathroom renovation services. We offer a free consultation with 3D design and complete project management.

The aesthetic side

Bathroom cabinets from Euroline Kitchens Ltd are space-saving, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. We ensure that the overall appearance of your bathroom is just superb (even to the most finicky critics).

We have every solution for bathroom cabinetry, vanities, design and installation. Call (905) 828 1500 or visit us at 3075 Ridgeway Drive Unit 23, Mississauga, ON L5L 5M6, for a free quote.

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