A Wide Selection of Kitchen Islands in Mississauga

Build Your Custom Dream Kitchen

The cooking area is one of the most regularly used areas in a home. This is why at Euroline Kitchens, we strive to provide your dream space to you which is both functional and beautiful at the same time. We specialize in designing custom kitchen islands in Mississauga, based on your personal style and budget.

Islands used in the cooking area are a recent development and are a great approach when you are looking for a stove that is accessible from all sides of a room. Additionally, it allows a space where more than two people can work at the same time. The area can also serve as a surface area to serve meals on. If you are looking for custom kitchen islands for sale in Mississauga, contact Euroline Kitchens, a leading renovation company in Mississauga.

High-Quality Home Hardware for Custom Kitchen Islands in Mississauga

Whether you are considering classic elegance or timeless simplicity, you will surely be delighted by the range of beautiful home hardware custom kitchen islands available with us. We will work with your design preferences to create the cooking area you have always wanted. We can also offer a wide variety of colours and patterns with beautiful finishes to help create the look you are after.

A Guide to Kitchen Island Styles:

Understanding different kinds of kitchen islands can be a tricky process. There are so many options available with several kinds of layouts; it can be difficult to decide what you want. Read this guide to understand the different kinds of islands available to choose the perfect one for your home.

Modern Kitchen

This island style tends to have stone countertops with dark wood cabinets. The different styles featuring stainless steel and neutral tones are perfect here. Select stools and seats with mesh or metal on them to complete this look. For modern cooking areas incorporating bright colours, consider using filing cabinets or a repurposed desk to add your own spin on a modern kitchen.

French Style

These types of islands are all about the chic appliances, elegant designs and clean lines. But, you need to decide first if you want a country-inspired French kitchen or a city inspired one. A sleek and simple cooking area works best with a Parisian inspired cooking area. The classic look can translate to granite countertops with marble and black cabinets. Think about creating clean lines and using combinations of colours which coordinate well without being overpowering.

Antique Kitchen

This type has the ability to blend retro and modern designs together. You have the utmost freedom to match, accent and blend pieces in this style. You can also pair an aged and vintage wooden island with vibrant bar stools. Remember, while constructing the antique island, don’t add too much to it. Choose a single or a couple of strong antique elements and leave it at that.

Rustic Style

Rustic kitchens are marked by simple yet functional and beautiful islands for the cooking area. Consider including reclaimed wood, marble, brick or granite when working on a rustic design. The main goal of its aesthetics is to create a welcoming and warm environment while also putting emphasis on the farm-to-table way of life. It can be achieved by creating an island which uses sturdy tools and weathered wood that invites family style eating.

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