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Get the Best Remodelling Solutions for Your Bathroom at Attractive Rates
From luxurious bathroom to ultra-modern kitchen- Euroline Kitchens has incredible solutions for any tastes. We use the finest materials for our projects and have skilled designers who are well acquainted with the latest trends in interior designing. Our designs focus on making the most of the available space productively without compromising on aesthetics. We are committed to overseeing the entire project from the beginning to end to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

If you are looking for bathroom remodelling contractors in Mississauga, our office should be your ultimate destination.

Why Choose Our Bathroom Remodelling Services?

Retail stores have ready-made cabinets and vanities which you can buy and easily install. However, finding the ideal match for your shower room can be difficult. Euroline Kitchens customizes the designs, creating a personalized bath area, keeping in mind your tastes and preferences. You get:

  • Canadian made superior quality materials which are used for the remodelling project.
  • Maximum use out of the space available from highly functional cabinetry designs.
  • Made-to-fit cabinetry, countertops and plumbing hardware that give your bathroom a luxurious finish.
  • Designs that are in sync with the rest of the house.
  • Complete makeover for the bathroom which is a great option if your bath area has an old-fashioned design.
  • A proper estimation of the bathroom remodelling cost is provided by our experts at the Mississauga store.

When you have an irregular shaped bathroom, finding the right cabinetry designs and hardware are tricky. We can proudly claim that our designers will be able to come up with beautiful designs for even the most eccentric clients. You can explore our showroom to gain some insight about the varieties that are possible for your project.

FAQs on Bathroom Remodelling Services

Remodelling services are generally a long-term project involving complete or partial alteration of the existing designs. Euroline Kitchens LTD has received several questions from many clients about how the bathroom remodelling contractors function. Our experts have answered some of these questions here.

  • What is the workflow of bathroom remodelling?

Initially, the design is created, and the subflooring is done followed by installing the countertops after the material selection. The flooring is done afterwards, followed by cabinetry works. Electrical works are initiated in the next step and the lighting fixtures are installed. The wall preparation, plumbing works, bathroom fixture installations consist of the last step which is given a finishing touch with touching up as required and cleaning the mess.

  • How should I prepare my bathroom before remodelling?

You can look through lifestyle magazines or browse websites on home décor and remodelling to get an idea about the trending styles. Once you have an idea, share it with the consultants who can draw a customized sketch for your home. Before the construction works begin, remove all personal belongings from the space. We cover up the area we are working in, but you should still take extra precaution by covering up the furniture nearby to protect them from dust.

  • Do you provide all the materials required for such projects?

We have a variety of materials for bathroom remodelling projects. Visiting in-person and consulting our experts at the Mississauga store will give you a thorough insight of what to expect.

You can schedule an appointment with our consultants over the phone and visit the showroom.

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