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A kitchen is not only the place where we prepare meals, but also a room where we store cereals, ingredients, utensils and cutlery and appliances. For us to find everything easily without straining ourselves, we must have the essentials organized in properly designed storage units.

Euroline specializes in different types of kitchen cupboards. Here’s how we plan the design and installation of storage units for your kitchen.

  • We assess the space available and the existing décor.
  • We consider the position of doors, windows and electrical fittings.
  • The kitchen style is also considered; whether traditional, rustic, country-style, modern or minimalistic.
  • Discussing the budget set aside for the project, we draw up an estimate.
  • Materials, colours and finishes are selected.
  • A layout is prepared for your approval.
  • Once the blueprint gets a go-ahead, we fall to work.
  • We adhere to the industry standards of work safety and cleanliness.

If you are looking to get stylish and functional kitchen cupboards in Mississauga or anywhere in the GTA, contact Euroline.

RTA, Semi-Custom or Custom-Made Kitchen Cupboards in Mississauga

You won’t have to wait for days or weeks for the appropriate materials to arrive or for professionals to be available for specific tasks. As we have our own warehouse in Mississauga, many varieties of kitchen storage units can be delivered within the estimated time and budget. Our experienced designers and woodwork craftsmen are there to make them all available.

Though we specialize in providing custom and semi-custom products, you can also buy ready-to-assemble cupboards. No matter what you prefer, be assured that you will receive the best quality at decent rates.

To choose from our extensive inventory and buy kitchen cupboards that complement the existing colour theme and décor. You can hire us to reface and upgrade your old storage units. We’ll ensure they look as neat and attractive as you want them to.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Cupboards

Q. What are the different types of kitchen cupboards you can provide?

We provide the following varieties.

  • Inset
  • Overlay
  • Framed
  • Frameless
  • Open-shelf
  • With doors (sliding, hinged or pivot)
  • With glass doors
  • With custom woodwork

Q. What kind of cupboards do you suggest for a small kitchen?

Loft or modular cupboards will save your floor space. Inset cupboards are also space-saving options as they are set inside the wall, unlike overlays.

Q. How should I clean the cupboards?

Choose non-abrasive and material-specific cleaners only. General and all-purpose cleaners are not recommended for the parts made of natural wood or glass. Clean them thoroughly and gently using a microfibre cloth, at least once a week or a fortnight. Get rid off old, unused or decaying stuff to keep them tidy.

Q. What is the difference between fully-assembled and ready-to-assemble (RTA) cupboards? Can I choose DIY for both?

Fully assembled cupboards can be installed readily. In the case of RTA, the separate parts must be assembled and fitted. You can choose to DIY if you are confident and you have the essential installation tools, however, professional help is advised.

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