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We Offer Custom Fabrication of Cabinetry and Furniture to Homeowners

If you are designing the interiors of your new home or renovating an existing one, contact Euroline Kitchens for custom woodworking in Mississauga. Our products are just the right thing for you to add an extra element of elegance to your home. Having dealt with a wide variety of projects, we have a desire to offer our skills to discerning clients who seek exquisite wood creations.

Every individual has their own specific style and tastes. Our professionals can identify these elements during our design meetings where the style of furniture and its size is determined. Our custom woodworking design is produced to suit any space and is coupled with beautiful finishes.

Attractive and Custom Woodworking Shops in Mississauga

We take pride in being one of the finest custom woodworking shops in Mississauga. Quality construction, seamless installation and distinctive design ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction every time. We design, build and install all of our products and will work one-on-one with you to understand your requirements. This helps us ensure the space is both highly functional and beautiful.

From fresh new pieces to variations on our existing designs, our team of experts can make your custom furniture dreams come true. It doesn’t necessarily have to be modern; we can work on all styles and with a variety of materials. With our committed team and keen attention to detail, we will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Products Include:

  • Bar Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Vanities

Types of Wood Used for Custom Woodworking

Wood that is cut into boards are used for custom woodworking. The kind of wood you choose for it determines the strength and beauty of the piece once it is finished. Each variety of wood has its own properties. Here are some common softwoods and hardwoods used for custom woodworking in homes.


The western red variety of cedar is the most common type of softwood used for custom woodworking in homes. As the name implies, it is reddish in colour, is a relatively soft type of wood which has a straight grain and an aromatic smell. It is known to survive different types of environments both indoors and outdoors without rotting. This type of wood is moderately priced and can be found in most home centres.


Pine is available in several different varieties and is a type of softwood. It can be used to make great furniture since it is easy to work with. Due to its softness, it lends itself well to custom woodworking and carving.


Birch is available in two different varieties, white and yellow. The white variety resembles maple whereas the yellow kind is pale. Both types have a hardness of 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. Also, birch is less expensive than many other types of hardwoods and is readily available. It is easy to work with and is a stable wood. But, it is relatively harder to stain as it can become blotchy.


Maple is available in two different varieties: hard and soft. Both varieties are much harder than many other kinds of wood. Because of its straight and fine grain; they are more suitable to work with than other varieties.


Cherry is an all-around great wood and extremely popular because it stains well, ages beautifully and is easy to work with. Its sapwood variety is almost white in colour and the heartwood is reddish brown. It has a hardness of 2 on a scale of 1 to 5 and is a common wood for custom woodworking.

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