9 Trendy Backsplash Design Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Look Amazing in 2020

Although originally used to simply protect walls from food splatter, a tile backsplash has now become a popular way to add a bold and beautiful accent to kitchens.

With the wide variety of materials, colours, and patterns available these days, choosing the right kitchen backsplash design shouldn’t be a chore. Whether you’re looking for something traditional and elaborate or simple and modern, the design possibilities are many and varied.

9 Inspiring Kitchen Backsplash Design Trends 

Let’s look at some unique backsplash design ideas to make your kitchen trendy and stylish.

  1. Mosaics

For a classic and timeless look, mosaic backsplash tile is the way to go. Made from a range of materials like travertine, marble, real pebbles, glass, metal and porcelain, they give you plenty of options to create your dream look. Use a single design or a collection of small, colourful tiles to brighten your cooking area. Play with different shades, textures and materials to create your own pattern and design. Choose small penny-round and hexagonal mosaics to lend a touch of elegance to both contemporary and vintage-inspired kitchens.


Image Source https://bit.ly/2HA2bGC

  1. Mirrors

Mirrored backsplash tiles are a great way to add the illusion of light and space to a small kitchen. Aside from creating dimension and reflecting natural light, they’re also easy to clean. If you have an attractive wallcovering or mosaic accent wall, mirrored tiles are a great way to reflect and replicate that design without using the same element throughout. While a plain mirror doesn’t contribute much to your interior decoration (other than reflecting light), coloured mirrors add richness and diversity to your space. You can also get creative and design something abstract, like the one pictured here.

  1. Metallic


Image Source https://bit.ly/2V45ez5

Metallic decor is one trend that never goes out of style. Copper, brass, gold and silver touches add instant glam to any interior. Available in different shapes like squares, rectangles and hexagons, metallic backsplash tiles are a quick and easy way to make your kitchen sparkle.

  1. Chevron

If you love patterns, check out chevron tiles. Go bold with solid colours and oversized patterns or keep it subtle with zigzags in pastel hues.

  1. Floral


Image Source https://bit.ly/39HGLU0

While printed porcelain tiles with fruit and floral motifs were once very popular, today’s backsplash tiles take floral designs to a whole new level. In this case, white and taupe floral motifs look stunning without overpowering the neutral colour scheme.

  1. Chalkboard

Chalkboard paint is an unconventional way to spice up your kitchen backsplashes. It adds fun and personalization to your culinary space, while providing a lot of scope for creativity and innovation. Jot down your grocery list, daily menu or quirky quotes to add a lighthearted element to your kitchen.

  1. Stone 


Image Source https://bit.ly/2P7PnLV

Once used only for construction and exterior building applications, natural stones have now become a popular interior design element, especially in kitchen countertops and backsplashes. The natural beauty of real stone adds a beautiful rustic vibe to any space. Whether you choose a granite or marble backsplash, planned and strategic placement of light is a must. Without it, your entire kitchen design could fall flat.

  1. Mix and Match

If you have a creative mind and prefer something unique, mix and match different backsplash tiles to create a custom patchwork design. As in this image, the muted brown colour of these backsplash tiles strikes a contrast to the glittery mosaic for a statement look.

  1. Eco-friendly

Add a dash of greenery to your kitchen with these natural kitchen backsplash ideas. They not only look pretty but improve air quality. Since they transpire a lot of water (sometimes more than their own weight), having plants and saplings indoors can increase the humidity of your space and keep respiratory issues at bay.

Your kitchen backsplash is more than a protective surface to wipe up cooking spills and splatters. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to get creative and add a personal touch to your cooking space. Whether you’re looking for something quaint and rustic or bold and abstract, there’s a backsplash tile out there for every kitchen design.

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