7 Exclusive Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

There was a time when kitchens used to be at the back of the house and were solely used for preparing meals. Though the purpose of the kitchen is still the same, now this space of your home can be its focal point. Yes, you’ve read that right. Interior designers have come up with open kitchen concepts that have become increasingly popular among many homeowners. The modern design trends consist of clean and simple styles without compromising on the function of the kitchen.

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In this blog-post, our experts are revealing some of the major design trends of 2019 that you can incorporate in your kitchen.

  1. Dark Coloured Kitchen

White kitchens were a classic in the last few years but now the trend has changed completely and dark jewel tones are here to stay in 2019. The dark coloured kitchen cabinets add contrast and drama to the area. Also, they look elegant compared to colour pop or white cabinets. If you want a bold-looking kitchen, this is by far the best option. But make sure you strike a balance between the cabinets and the walls or else the space will look way too dark than expected.

  1. Quartz Worktops

Kitchen countertops made of quartz are gaining popularity, unlike granite ones. This is because quartz is durable, visually appealing, easy to clean and anti-microbial while granite is difficult to maintain. It used to be that quartz countertops were not available in different colours and finishes but now the situation has changed. You can get a wide variety with elaborate swirls and unique styles to choose from for the kitchen. Plus, they are also available in different neutral colours like cream, grey and taupe.

  1. Smart Kitchens

This is one of the biggest trends as homeowners want to save time and get ready made coffee when they wake up. It would have sounded impossible in the past but now it’s possible due to the progress of technology. The latter has integrated into every function and appliance which includes Sense-equipped faucets that can sense the presence of hands underneath with water appearing automatically. There are many such advancements uniquely designed to make your life simple.

  1. Copper Accents

Do you want to break the monotony in your kitchen? With copper accents, you can get the job done effortlessly. You can get copper post and pans and display them in the open. Either hang them above the kitchen island or arrange them on an open shelf based on your choice. In these ways, you can also show off your collection and make it a style statement of the room. This trend is unique and versatile that means it can blend with traditional or modern décor style.

  1. Large Sinks

As homeowners are embracing simple designs, which has led to the discarding of double bowl sinks in favour of large single sinks. This addition looks classier compared to two sinks placed beside each other for washing utensils. Apart from the sink styles, the faucets these days are available in different colours, styles and shapes that can add drama to the space.

  1. Open Shelves

Open kitchen shelves instead of cabinetry display a style with an edge. With these shelves, you can display your cutlery collection or other home décor essentials effortlessly. Also, the open design brings a breath of fresh air into the kitchen as it looks visually appealing. But you have to be organized if you’re sticking to this trend because stacking utensils might not beautify the area rather it will look untidy. So, keep the shelves prim and proper with proper arrangement for the best look.

  1. Clean Aesthetics

Intricately designed cabinet doors have been tossed out and replaced with simple designs. The modern kitchen cabinets come with plain handles which do not attract attention. The latter cabinets look clutter-free and the simple lines add height to the area. Complement these cabinets with dark coloured floors and backsplashes.

These are some of the breath-taking kitchen trends of 2019 that are gaining popularity. If you like any of these designs, then incorporate any one of them in your kitchen and make it a style statement of your home.

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