6 Bathroom Styles and Matching Vanities That You’ll Love

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? If so, the first step is to select a décor style and get a bathroom vanity that will complement it. The latter is vital as it is the most important element in décor as it tends to be the focal point. Plus, it increases the aesthetics of a room and also stores all your essentials like towels, toiletries and more. It is the perfect combination of style and functionality. But, to make the most of it, you’ve to choose it wisely based on the interiors of your bathroom. To help you in this process, we are listing six décor styles and matching vanities that can come handy.

  1. Contemporary Classic

Grey is the colour if you’re looking for a contemporary classic bathroom. It has been the reigning colour for kitchen cabinets, walls and now bathrooms. The colour is itself a style statement and can blend well with fine lines and a neutral shade like white. The next step is to get a suitable vanity. Opt for a grey-coloured single vanity cabinet. This should feature a marble countertop, single sink, and shaker style door with nickel hardware.

2.  Modern Farmhouse

To incorporate a farmhouse element to your master bath, stick to materials such as exposed brick, natural stone and shiplap. The latter is the overlapping of wood boards, this adds a rustic touch to the room. Wood plays a major role in this décor type for its rugged appeal. So, when you choose a vanity for such an interior you should always select a wooden double vanity with barndoor aesthetics at the forefront. This will look attractive if you complement it with a moonstone or black countertop with a similar coloured faucet. Also, hang two framed or frameless mirrors above this furniture to complete the look.

3.  Eco Modern

Do you want a spa-like environment in your bathroom? If so, then this style is what you need. Modern décor is all about clean lines and uncluttered spaces. That’s why selecting neutral colours like white, grey and beige is wise. For instance, you choose white walls and opt for a full wooden double or single vanity. But make sure it has a white and glossy surface with polished metal faucets. Complete the interiors by hanging the frameless mirror above the vanity.

4.  Traditional

Traditional décor is all about dark wood or tiles and heavy glass elements. If you fancy such an interior, this is an ideal choice for you. Choose a dark wooden single or double vanity based on what you need with an oval-shaped or round sink. The countertop should be natural granite. Don’t forget to finish the look of the bathroom with heavy framed mirrors located at the centre above the sink.

5.  Mediterranean

This style features a lot of elements such as natural wood, bright coloured ceramic tiles, ornate archways and white walls. If you like this combination, then you shouldn’t have any second thoughts before choosing this style. Selecting a vanity to blend well with this décor type may not be easy but you can go ahead with a dark wooden single vanity with a minimalistic design. The sink shouldn’t remain hidden in the vanity rather it should be placed perfectly above the vanity. In this way, this furnishing will stand out among so many colourful elements.

6.  Eclectic

It is an amalgamation of different eras, accessories, textures and colours. This needs creativity. Make sure you seek out a professional for this style. You can make a statement wall with mirrors or portraits of your choice backed with a sleek bathtub. When you choose a vanity for this space, opt for a driftwood double vanity with distressed wood detailing. This can exude both traditional and industrial appearances and can successfully be a focal point as well.

These are some unique bathroom styles and vanities that you can give a try if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom. You can choose any style based on your preferences and budget. Once you’re sure with what you want, visit a store in Mississauga and buy a bathroom vanity for your home.


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