8 Promising Renovation Tips for Your Master Bathroom

Are you bored with the appearance of your bathroom? If so, then you should think about revamping it. This can become a daunting task as working on the existing layout and navigating the quirks of the pipework may be too much for you. But if you figure out what your needs are and why you want a bathroom remodelling done, then the task is much easier. To make your bathroom renovation a success, our experts are going over eight promising tips that can uplift the face of your master bathroom without much hassle.

Plan a Layout

When you’re remodelling a bathroom, you already have a layout which consists of sanitaryware so try not to alter their location. This is because the pipework has already been done and changing them entirely may incur a huge plumbing cost. Keeping the existing soil pipe intact and then changing the sanitaryware is a better option. But if it’s necessary then you should go ahead and do it, make sure you consult with the plumber prior to your decision. By following this step, you can plan a layout and stick to it for better execution.

Choose Sanitaryware beforehand

Sanitaryware beforehand

If the existing sanitaryware needs to be changed, then you should decide them prior to plastering and tiling. By doing so, you can get all these accessories fixed together without messing up the area later. You can also save money as fixing them later on can be expensive and problematic. So, have a checklist to make sure you have covered everything including a bathtub (optional), sink, commode, vanity, and shower. Refer to the list when you go shopping to prevent missing out on any of these accessories.

Reuse old Sanitaryware

Reusing sanitaryware is never a bad idea especially when they are in good condition. It is one of the cost-effective ways to upgrade a bathroom. If you’re wondering how you will you bring a change in this space, then re-enamel the taps or include a new surround to a bath and add character to the area.

Waterproof the Space

This is the main concern because water leakage from the shower area can be a costly-affair in the long-run. Also, a bathroom with stagnant water is very unpleasant. To avoid this, invest in tile backer boards that can be used in lining the shower walls as they are mostly waterproof.

Don’t forget about the Ventilation

Bathroom Ventilation

A bathroom is a damp and steamy place as water is used in this area. Hence, you need to install adequate ventilation system like an extractor fan to eliminate moisture. This is a mandatory consideration as damp walls can ruin the bathroom vanity and sanitaryware. You may have to end up spending more on fixing other things if ventilation is not taken care of properly.

Invest in Lighting Fixtures

Good lighting plays a major role in augmenting the appearance of a bathroom. As this is your private zone, you may not want loud lights rather stick to a pendant or accent lighting fixtures. Avoid going overboard with the lighting as it can mar the mood of this room. But if you want to make a focal point, then you can opt for the sleek chandelier.

Add Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are another stylistic addition that can easily change the appearance of your existing bathroom. Along with that, it also creates an impression of more space. That’s why for small bathrooms, this is one of the easiest ways to create an open-looking area. You can make a statement wall with different shapes of mirrors or invest in a large mirror and place it above the sink. If you want a modern bathroom, then you can also keep a stand-alone mirror at one corner.

Think about the Storage

From floating shelves to vanities; storage should be considered when you’re remodelling your bathroom. Invest in the vanity of your choice and place it beneath the sink or at one corner of this room based on your requirements. But for convenience, make sure you keep your essentials on the shelves and the other less needed things like extra toiletries or towels can be stored in the covered vanity.

These are some of the expert bathroom renovation tips to streamline your project. Segregate what you should discard and what you can re-use to save you money. Once you’ve decided on what you can use and what you need to buy, then you can start with revamping your bathroom. Good luck!

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