Kitchen Pantry Planning – 5 Things That Deserve Attention

Few things are as satisfying as a neat and organized cooking space where every item has a place. Having everything organized makes prepping, cooking and cleaning easier and more fun. No matter the size of your kitchen, you need a dedicated pantry to store all your essential food items and cooking appliances. The idea is to utilize the available space in your kitchen to create a pantry for a better cooking experience. When you’re busy selecting cabinet colours and preparing grocery lists, it’s Read more [...]

7 Exclusive Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

kitchen design trends
There was a time when kitchens used to be at the back of the house and were solely used for preparing meals. Though the purpose of the kitchen is still the same, now this space of your home can be its focal point. Yes, you’ve read that right. Interior designers have come up with open kitchen concepts that have become increasingly popular among many homeowners. The modern design trends consist of clean and simple styles without compromising on the function of the kitchen. In this blog-post, Read more [...]

Choose the Ideal Cabinet Hardware for Your Contemporary Styled Kitchen

The kitchen is a room which meets the homeowner's needs while also matching their lifestyle and exponentially increasing the overall satisfaction of the space. Homeowners generally consider remodelling to improve the overall look and feel of this area. This reason ranks much higher than improving the functionality of the space and increasing the value of your home. Homeowners are always looking for an inviting and attractive place which can act as a central hub of their living space. To achieve Read more [...]

Various Kitchen Design Ideas and Their Key Features

You don’t necessarily have to be a top chef to have a fabulous kitchen. The days when kitchens were considered to be dreary workspaces hidden behind closed doors are long gone. In the modern world, kitchens are essential for entertaining special occasions and everyday living. To meet the ever-growing demands for eye-catching kitchens, manufacturers offer a wide range of countertops, fixtures and cabinets. They are available in popular design styles, ranging from modern to the old world, country Read more [...]

Useful Must-Haves for Your Kitchen Renovation Project

Anyone who has done any kind of home renovation is well aware of the fact that it is a difficult project to undertake. The hardest part of a renovation project is planning out exactly what you want to get done. Specifying appliances and fittings is a challenge in itself for most. However, it all comes down to function. Decide whether you want a kitchen which is aesthetically pleasing or one which is practical. If you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen, consider these practical must-haves Read more [...]

Things to Consider Before Remodelling Your Kitchen

Remodelling your kitchen is one of the biggest and best investments you can make during a home renovation. Before you start, it’s vital for you to map out precisely the kind of kitchen which will fit your needs and your home’s style. Here are a few essential tips that will help you start the planning process, no matter how big or small your remodelling project is. Design a functional kitchen floor An important factor to consider is how well your current kitchen’s layout works. If Read more [...]

5 Smart Space-Saving Ideas for Compact Kitchens

Just because you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on its style and functionality. By smartly planning for each of your compact kitchen’s components, starting from layout, storage to appliances, you can easily maximize the space. In today’s post, we’ll give you five useful ideas to overcome space limitations in your kitchen. Change the Sink A single-bowl, undermount sink can provide more counter space for preparing food or keeping utensils. Since the edges Read more [...]

How to Add Vintage Elements to a Modern Kitchen

Mixing vintage elements with modern items is an amazing way to achieve a unique balance and proportion that interior decorators emphasize when designing a room. The approach you take in terms of colours, textures, shapes and styles can help add depth, contrast, and the much-needed freshness that you aspire to create in your space. If you’re thinking about creating a unique style for your home by combining different looks that blend the new and the old, then read on. In today’s blog post, Read more [...]