How to Add Vintage Elements to a Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

Mixing vintage elements with modern items is an amazing way to achieve a unique balance and proportion that interior decorators emphasize when designing a room. The approach you take in terms of colours, textures, shapes and styles can help add depth, contrast, and the much-needed freshness that you aspire to create in your space.

If you’re thinking about creating a unique style for your home by combining different looks that blend the new and the old, then read on. In today’s blog post, we’ll give you some simple yet awesome ideas to blend vintage and modern interior styles in your kitchen.

  • Use Old World Lighting Fixtures

One of the simplest ways to add a vintage charm to your modern kitchen is to use vintage-inspired lighting such as antique chandeliers. Hang it above your kitchen island to create a distinct elegant contrast in the room.

  • Experiment with your Kitchen Island

The kitchen island often serves as the focal point or centrepiece of the room. Give your modern kitchen a vintage twist by using an antique black table as the island. You can also opt for a refurbished table with carved drawers and barley-twist legs. Replace the original tabletop with an oversize wooden top and paint the entire furniture black. Make sure that the table matches the height of the kitchen counter.

  • Mix Old and New Shelving Styles

Open shelving is currently a hot trend in modern kitchen design. They make your kitchen look airy, brighter and spacious while you can display your prized items on them. Mixing open shelves and kitchen cabinets is a popular idea to stylize your kitchen. When you want to blend vintage elements with open shelves, choose a vintage French cabinet to create an eclectic combination. French cabinets are large pieces of closed storage that add a unique charm and personality to your modern kitchen.

  • Use Period Accessories

This is another technique to blend vintage and modern elements. Use accessories that are inspired by old-world charms such as vibrant Moroccan or Persian rugs, wall art or some vintage decor items. They’ll add a beautiful vintage flair to your modern kitchen.

  • Mix Different Styles of Furniture

To provide your kitchen a unique personality in an instant, mix some vintage chairs with your modern dining table or place modern chairs around a vintage dining table such as a round pedestal table. Another way of doing this is to pair up a modern side table with antique chairs and create a reading nook at one corner of your kitchen. If you have an antique table chair set, you can blend in both elements by covering the antique chairs with a modern fabric.

There are, however, no rules to follow when you want to create a balance between vintage and modern elements in your kitchen. But it’s important to have a critical eye to make sure that the look achieves a harmony and appears like it has evolved with time.

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