Choose the Ideal Cabinet Hardware for Your Contemporary Styled Kitchen

The kitchen is a room which meets the homeowner’s needs while also matching their lifestyle and exponentially increasing the overall satisfaction of the space. Homeowners generally consider remodelling to improve the overall look and feel of this area. This reason ranks much higher than improving the functionality of the space and increasing the value of your home.

Homeowners are always looking for an inviting and attractive place which can act as a central hub of their living space. To achieve this look, you should mind the details. Installing beautiful tiles and elegant and gorgeous cabinetry is just the beginning. It’s the final selections that help bring everything together. You can spend a hefty amount on cabinets and countertops but remember that no contemporary style kitchen can be complete without the proper hardware.

However, with careful consideration, you can complete the space in a perfect manner. The first and foremost step in the selection process is understanding what a contemporary styled kitchen really is. Read further to understand everything you need to know about a contemporary kitchen and how to select the perfect cabinet hardware for the space.

What is a contemporary kitchen?

This type of kitchen incorporates concepts from different design movements. It generally features streamlined surfaces and high functionality. However, a contemporary kitchen can also incorporate traditional ideas, making the space warm and welcoming. Contemporary style kitchen can offer a fluid and sleek feel to the living and work space.

Its primary features are simple and clean lines with colour schemes which use trending kitchen designs. Some common features include black or dark wood cabinets, fresh countertops and stainless-steel appliances. Another common feature is tile used with modern and bright lighting. When it comes to painting, however, contemporary kitchens generally have monochromatic colour schemes with a few pops of colour here and there. This results in a modern design incorporating the homeowner’s tastes.

Types of Hardware: –

Once you have decided on the style of kitchen you want in your home, you should select the finishes as they will help complete the look. Numerous options are available to help you create a space that offers optimal functionality. Your main goal should be to utilize sharp finishes that can provide both usability and form. Here are some of the most popular options available for contemporary style kitchen hardware.


  • Bar Pulls 

    –  Bar pulls are available in many different sizes and styles. This hardware is designed to extend the ends of the bar past the screw holes, where it is attached to the cabinet. The materials can vary from leather to metal. Also, when they’re installed horizontally, they can help create sleek lines, something contemporary designs are known for. They stand out to offer a more industrial feel with a streamlined look.

  • Recessed Pulls

    – Recessed pulls are perfect for busy kitchens. They are built into the cabinet drawers and doors. They don’t protrude out of the doors and so they won’t snag on your clothes or create bumps on heads or elbows. They can also be made using the same colour and materials as the cabinetry, so they can blend in easily. They can be in contrasting materials too, to help highlight the whole look.

  • Push Latches

    – Push latches use a magnetic or mechanical device to make drawers and doors easy to close. They can glide to a close with a gentle touch in a slow-motion effect. This hardware is ideal for homeowners who are looking for a hands-free and convenient option for their drawer and cabinet operations.

  • Integrated Handles

    – If you are looking for an ultra-sleek look for your contemporary kitchen, consider installing integrated handles. The interiorly sloping edge makes it easier for users to grip it with using just their fingertips. Also, this style makes a gap between drawers which you can use to highlight using a metallic or contrasting colour to make the space pop out.

  • Hidden Pulls

    – They are also referred to as edge pulls and is a hardware option that is designed to be concealed by the overhead surface. Hidden pulls are installed at the top edge of the doors with a sliver of metal sticking out.


  • Round Knobs

    – Even though round knobs are typically traditional designs, they can still be incorporated in contemporary kitchens. However, it might also include a recessed notch to provide better gripping or use a contrasting material at the centre of the knob to make the option more contemporary.

  • Square Knobs

    – When it comes to contemporary hardware for cabinets, homeowners tend to think slightly out-of-the-box. There is no hard and fast rule for knobs to be of a standard circular shape. By installing square knobs, you can give the space a modern feel while also providing a clean look for your kitchen.

  • Modern Bar Knobs

    – They are a great choice when looking to complement large bar pulls being used for cabinets. They can help create horizontal lines when attached to drawers and can be attached using just one screw. They also take up much less space on cabinets.

  • Mushroom Knobs

    – They are capable of offering more personality compared to plain round knobs. Just like their name suggests, they are shaped like mushrooms and offer easy gripping while providing the opportunity to incorporate multiple designs and materials.


  • Invisible Hinges

    – They are perfect for contemporary kitchen hardware because of their clean lines. Invisible hinges are named so as they are well hidden from view when the door is shut.

  • Self-Closing Hinges

    – If you are tired of cabinet doors and drawers hanging open on their own, consider installing self-closing hinges. They can help eliminate the need of pushing or slamming the door hard. These hinges can close the door and tightly hold it in that position.

  • Face-Mount Hinges

    – They are also referred to as surface-mount hinges and can be attached without having to cut into the cabinetry. They are standard hinges which are easy to use and available in many colours to complement your cabinetry.

  • Full Overlay Hinges

    : Different kitchen cabinets often require hinges of different styles. For end cabinets, full overlay hinges are used.

  • Full/Semi-Wrap Hinges

    – These hinges go around the back edge of the face frame or door. Since they feature a flat and plain leaf for attaching, they are preferable for frameless cabinets.

Appliance Pulls:

  • Microwave

    – A microwave pull should be functional and simple to use. Choose a style which also matches the cabinetry as it can help pull everything together. Remember that it should match the look and feel of all the other appliances placed in your kitchen.

  • Refrigerator

    – A contemporary styled kitchen normally features a black or a stainless-steel refrigerator. You can complete the look by incorporating a sleek and steel-coloured pull. The refrigerator’s shape should be functional and clean. Consider comfort as it is an important factor you need to remember. Contemporary kitchens are preferred because they offer convenience along with the ease of use.

  • Oven

    – A stainless steel oven pull is a good option that can provide the best contemporary look to your kitchen. It can either be squared or rounded. Homeowners can use a square bar pull to hand kitchen towels in place. But, make sure you choose a style which matches with your refrigerator and microwave so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Picking out the perfect products for your home is hard enough as it is. So, it is obvious for you to want your hardware to stand the test of time when so much hard work goes into it. This is why the final factor for you to consider when choosing kitchen cabinet hardware for a contemporary kitchen is to select a company you can trust with the supply of the products. It’s vital to find a company which can offer quality hardware along with superior service to back their products. Remember making the right choice can only elevate the design of your complete kitchen.

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