Cabinet Doors Vs. Drawers: Which Is Best for Your Kitchen?

When it comes to remodelling your kitchen, storage is one of the most important things you need to consider. On that note, cabinet doors and drawers are popular choices among homeowners for storing kitchen supplies. As both are available in a wide range of designs and styles, you may have a hard time deciding which works best for your kitchen. This blog post outlines the features and utilities of both cabinet doors and drawers so you can decide for yourself which is the most suitable option for your kitchen.

Cabinet Drawers and Doors – Features and Utilities

Cabinet Drawers

Cabinet drawers are usually used to store utensils and smaller items. From drawer-style to pull-out and spice racks, drawers in different styles can be customized to make access to items easier and to enhance the look of your kitchen. The best thing about using kitchen cabinet drawers is that there is no need to remove items kept in the front to reach items in the back. If you arrange everything inside a cabinet drawer properly, you can enjoy easy access to all stored items without searching around endlessly.

Drawers in base cabinets are in high demand as people can open them easily with one hand. They fit heavy items like dishes and cookware, and if you choose to put in a peg system, you can store your coffee mugs, cups, dishes and other items in an organized manner. To store cooking tools, utensils and spices, you may want to consider using shallow drawers.

Cabinet drawers are costlier than doors. When it comes to drawer sizes, there are restrictions, so it would be difficult to fit large-sized items inside your drawers.

Kitchen cabinet doors vs drawers

Cabinet Doors

To add a traditional touch to your kitchen, install cabinet doors. These let you organize your dinnerware, pans, pots, glassware and dried goods. You can also use them to store lightweight items such as stemware, cookbooks and glasses. They also conceal pull-out shelves to make storage more convenient.

Cabinet doors can be customized to suit your kitchen’s needs. To store your big bowls, heavy pots and appliances until you need them, use under-counter cabinetry. These come with larger spaces that are ideal for storing equipment, including cooking and baking items.

Cabinet doors are perfect to store tall and large items; less so for small and loose things. As the large and open spaces are low to the ground, you may find it quite difficult to reach these items.

When you use doors, you need to organize items from front to back.  Customize a pull-out shelf for easy access to full cabinet depth, so you need not stretch high or bend low to reach items kept in the back. If your kitchen already has cabinet doors and you do not want a full remodelling, refurbish the existing cabinets to give your kitchen a fabulous makeover.

Cabinet doors cost much less than cabinet drawers. To build a set of custom cabinet doors, you need fewer materials and hardware. If you want to renovate your kitchen without investing a lot of money, cabinet doors are a better option than drawers.

The Right Places to Install Cabinet Drawers and Doors Inside your Kitchen 

It may be a bit confusing to figure out where to place cabinet drawers and doors inside your kitchen. In your under-counter storage, focus on refrigerator, store and sink areas. Think about which items you want to access easily around those places. You should also know if the items kept inside your kitchen are suitable for drawer storage, door storage or a combination of both.

When preparing food, there are certain items you need most of the time. Before placing cabinet drawers or doors in your kitchen, think about what you need the most in the central food preparation area. When it comes to upper cabinetry, keep those items that you would like to show off along with glass shelves or cabinets. This can add visual appeal to your kitchen and grab the attention of guests.

Before choosing either cabinet doors or drawers, visualize how to make the most of your kitchen space to fulfil your storage needs. Cabinet doors are ideal for vertical storage of such items as cookie sheets, chopping boards and trays. On the other hand, wide cabinet drawers are perfect for storing utensils, knives, pans and pots. The above-discussed features of doors and drawers may help you to understand what is the most appropriate choice for your kitchen. You can also combine doors and drawers to design a beautiful and functional kitchen.  Consider allowing cabinetry experts to customize the drawers or doors in order to complement your kitchen interior for an excellent renovation.

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