8 Fabulous Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Spacious While Remodeling

The time you spend in your bathroom is often the most relaxing part of your day. It’s quite obvious that you would like to make the space more comfortable. There are different ways to do so. When you understand its structure and layout, you can more easily figure out which areas you can enhance to make it more inviting and spacious. Bathroom remodelling involves giving the room a facelift in the best way possible, but unless you clearly understand what you want, the results may not be as desirable as you would like.
Having a proper plan is essential when space is limited and you want to maximize the utility of the space while ensuring it looks beautiful.

Remodeling Tips to Make Your Bathroom Spacious

The following are some tried and tested tricks to make your bathroom look more spacious even when you have limited space.

1. Bathroom planner

To successfully remodel your bathroom, consult with the ones who will be using it. Once you have talked to your family members, ask the remodelling team how to best incorporate their suggestions. The following are factors to discuss when planning your remodel:

  • Layout: Think about the sinks, shower enclosure, bathtub, toilet and how they are going to be positioned so you can maximize the space. Also, consider whether you want an additional sink or bidet.
  • Customization: Choose between ready-to-install and custom cabinets or countertops, depending on your budget and needs.
  • Attached or isolated: Will the bathroom be attached to another room or be a separate area? If it is attached, an exhaust fan should be installed to vent it properly.

2. Maximize the floor space

When your square footage is limited, maximize the floor space to make it look bigger. Get rid of or substitute things that are taking up space on the floor so you have ample room to move around freely. Investing in floating fixtures and vanities is a good solution. Another option is to buy minimalist accessories that are very thin or that come in transparent colours that will not overpower a small bathroom. If you are not inclined towards floating designs, opt for standing ones with a very thin base.

3. Light and similar colour tones

Using white or light colours can make the room appear big. Another way to add some colour to the bathroom and make it look spacious is to use shades in the same family. Peach, lilac, cream, light blue, off white and gray can be used for this purpose. Play around with a base colour and a few variations that are slightly lighter or darker than your chosen shade. Use the same colour family for tiles, vanities and other accessories. If you are choosing patterned tiles, keep other bathroom items in monotone.

4. Less is more

If you don’t have too many things to store, choose a smaller vanity to leave more free space. Overcrowding a small bathroom can make it appear stuffed. To give it a serene, spa-like ambience, keep it as uncrowded as possible. Placing the bathtub or toilet beside the vanity will also make it look more spacious.

5. Big mirrors and adequate lighting

Mirrors can successfully create an illusion of space if you install them in strategic positions. Consider a wall-to-wall mirror to make your bathroom look twice its actual size. Have proper lighting over the mirror and on the opposite wall for maximum effect. If your bathroom gets ample natural light, use it to the room’s advantage for a soothing effect.

6. Making the most of glass panels and enclosures

Glass panels and enclosures are ideal for giving any bathroom a facelift, irrespective of its size. Segmenting the different areas with glass panels and installing a glass enclosure for the shower and bathtub is both practical and beautiful. Sectioning it organizes the layout better and looks less congested when you opt for glass panels.

7. Pushing the walls apart

This is particularly effective when your bathroom is rectangular or has a tunnel shape. Emphasizing the length makes it look even bigger; this can be done by employing long floor tiles. Strike a balance by using bands of accent tiles along the width of the walls. Creating an illusion of more space by using the tiles’ patterns and length is a great way to make the most of an elongated bathroom.

8. Eliminate unnecessary accessories

Consider what you use most in your bathroom. Do you bathe? Do you prefer the overhead shower? Are you using your cabinet space to its fullest? These are a few of the things you need to think about before undertaking a bathroom remodeling project. This will help you plan such that you do not have any unnecessary elements or additions that you will rarely use.
To get a spa-like experience in your bathroom, give it a facelift to make it more spacious and serene. If you are looking for bathroom remodeling services, keep in mind the above-mentioned factors to help you execute the project efficiently. Get in touch with our bathroom remodelling experts to help you thoroughly plan a proper layout.

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