A Look Inside the Home Kitchens of Celebrity Chefs

“Food is symbolic of love, when words are inadequate.” – Alan D. Wolfelt Who doesn’t love food? Every time we channel surf, we stop at a delectable dish being tossed together on a cooking show. As much as many of us focus on eating healthy, celebrity chefs have us craving more. There’s something about them that’s enticing, and it’s not just their culinary skills. From their willingness to accept criticism to their creativity and ability to handle high-stress environments, their Read more [...]

The Best and Cleverest Hacks to Choose the Right Kitchen Island

A kitchen island becomes the focal point of any home’s cooking area owing to its size and the activities taking place around it. As it influences the overall beauty and functionality of the space, it should be designed and structured carefully. Its size, the materials used in its construction, position and shape are all important factors in determining the most suitable choice during kitchen renovation or remodelling. If you are upgrading your kitchen island to give the room a facelift, consider Read more [...]

8 Fabulous Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Spacious While Remodeling

The time you spend in your bathroom is often the most relaxing part of your day. It's quite obvious that you would like to make the space more comfortable. There are different ways to do so. When you understand its structure and layout, you can more easily figure out which areas you can enhance to make it more inviting and spacious. Bathroom remodelling involves giving the room a facelift in the best way possible, but unless you clearly understand what you want, the results may not be as desirable Read more [...]