7 Modern Bathroom Designs and Vanities of 2019 That You’ll Love

If your bathroom looks more like a space of necessity than relaxation, then it’s time to transform it. After all, you spend a lot of time in it either after a long hectic day or in the morning. That’s why upgrading this space is always a good idea. So, how are you planning to do it? The first step is to select a décor style and then a bathroom vanity to complement the space.

To help you with this, our experts are listing seven modern bathroom designs and vanities that are trending this year. Check them out below and pick your favourite.

1. Natural Wood Floating Vanity with Sink

Do you like keeping the floor clear? If so, then opt for a floating bathroom vanity with a sink or two based on your requirements. This vanity comes with enough storage space options such as drawers or cabinets. Plus, you can keep an open shelf at the bottom of the vanity. Available in natural wooden materials, you can select a dark or light brown polish depending on your preferences.

Natural wood floating vanity

2. Standalone Vanity Against a Dark Accent Wall

Standalone vanities can really stand out provided you highlight them. In 2019, dark accent walls are in demand for their cheek style and exclusivity. You can select one corner or the middle section of your bathroom and paint the wall in dark black, blue or cherry colour. Then pick a wooden finish standalone vanity with a sink or two based on the space available in your bathroom.

3. Double Vanity in a Farmhouse Décor

Farmhouse décor is all about charm and is characterized by mirrors and sinks. You should strike a balance between old and new elements. For instance, if you like a white wall bathroom that exhibits a modern appearance, then maintain parity by including a standalone grey-coloured vanity. The latter can feature two drawers and one broad open shelf at the bottom that can be used to store towels, laundry baskets and other essentials. Furthermore, fix rectangular-shaped mirrors above the vanity and keep a plant of your choice in one corner.

4. All White Scandinavian Décor with Modern Vanity

Do you like wooden vanities, white walls, clean straight lines and marble floors? If so, then you look into a Scandinavian décor style. This is all about simplicity and minimalistic design. Paint all the walls white, purchase a modern bathroom vanity in white, add a frameless rectangular or a square mirror and place it above the vanity. To balance these elements, install wooden open shelves to store your essentials or display vases and other décor items on one wall to accentuate the appearance of the bathroom.

all-white bathroom vanity

5. Clean White Paired with Natural Wood Vanity

If you want to break the monotony of an all-white bathroom, then adding a vanity made of natural wood is a good option. You can choose different types of wooden finish such as dye, oil and stain. Each of them has a strong aesthetic appeal and can act as a style statement in your bathroom. To maintain a balance with this vanity, hang wooden framed mirrors above it and install sconces to brighten up the space in the evening.

6. Standalone Vanity with an Accent Mirror

Do you have a small bathroom? Are you looking for a compact vanity? A small standalone vanity with a single sink can be ideal. Opt for this vanity featuring open shelves to store your essentials like towels and toiletries. The sink should be protruding outside the vanity adding an edge to the interiors of the bathroom. Complement these elements by hanging a stylish circular mirror.

Expert Tip
If you’re choosing this design, then do not forget to paint the walls in neutral shades.

7. Gunmetal Vanity in a Rustic Décor

If you like rugged interiors, then go for concrete or gunmetal vanities. They stand out for their exclusive design and finish featuring an in-built sink. Generally, these kinds of vanities are seen in boutique hotels, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add them to your home. Balance the décor with large frameless mirrors and paint the walls in matte grey.

Rustic Style Gunmetal Vanity

These are some of the modern bathroom designs and vanities that are trending this year. So, which one did you like the most? Each of them is unique and can stylize your bathroom instantly. If you’re unsure of your choice and still have doubts, then you can clear it out with our experts today!



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