10 Exclusive Décor Tips for a Small Kitchen

A kitchen is an integral part of your home, no matter how big or small it is.  A spacious kitchen is easier to decorate than a small one but, like all leading kitchen companies in Mississauga, we have designed big kitchens as well as tiny ones. Counting on our diverse kitchen designing experiences, we are going over some exclusive tips to help you style your small kitchen in the best possible way so it looks bigger than it is.

small kitchen decoration tips

  1. Opt for Neutral Colours

When you have a tiny kitchen, it is always better to choose neutral colours like white, beige, mint green, soft pink and lemon yellow. These shades will instantly create an impression of more space and make your cooking area appear bigger.

  1. Invest in Open Shelves

Though kitchen cabinets play a major role in storing all the kitchen essentials, it may not fit if there is a shortage of space. That’s why floating shelves are the right choice. You can stack them in rows on one wall and place all the essentials you need including cutlery and other accessories.

  1. Buy an Island Cart

A kitchen island is a kitchen décor essential and must not be skipped as major preparation takes place in this area. Look for an island cart that can make storage space and with a sturdy countertop.

  1. Use the Ceiling

It’s always smart to consider the ceiling of a tiny kitchen to hang big pots and pans.  This is because big utensils will occupy a lot of space if placed inside cabinets or on countertops.  So, opt for a wooden frame with sturdy hooks and hang it from the ceiling to save wall and worktop spaces.

  1. Install Storage Under Benches

Instead of choosing cabinets, you can stack your kitchen essentials under a bench. The latter is a flexible furniture piece that can be moved anywhere based on your requirements. It is a tall box with cushioned tops, so, you can use the space underneath to store your important things.

  1. Include Appropriate Lighting Fixtures

From pendant lights to spotlights, suitable lighting fixtures make a lot of difference in a small space. Hang pendant lights on the kitchen island and spotlights over the hob. If you like grandeur, then you can also opt for a sleek chandelier.

  1. Create an Accent Wall

A space crunch shouldn’t stop you from creating a statement wall, should it?  Select one wall that is empty and install floating shelves that can be used to display your collection of cutleries. In this way, you can break the monotony in the kitchen.

  1. Choose Vertical Storage

When there is less space, you should always look to utilize vertical areas such as the corners. For instance, if your kitchen is located at one corner near a window and there is some room left after placing the oven and refrigerator, you can use that vertical area. Either opt for a floor to ceiling cabinet or install shelves.

  1. Select Colourful Flooring

A colourful floor is a good way to uplift the appearance of your kitchen. Bright patterned rugs or abstract tiles can serve your purpose.

  1. Go for Glossy Tiles

The wall behind the oven should be considered first because this space is often stained and greased when preparing food. Glossy tiles are a good choice for this section as they are easy to clean.

What are you waiting for? Incorporate these décor tips in your small kitchen and see the difference. You can choose any of these ideas or all of them depending on your requirements and preferences. To streamline your kitchen décor initiatives with more such tips, keep following our page!

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