Kitchen Remodelling Items on Your Checklist for a Hassle-Free Experience

The flooring is worn out, the cabinets have become creaky, you want to change the lighting, all of these are signs of your kitchen in desperate need of a remodelling. However, what most people tend to forget is that a kitchen remodelling can have adverse effects on everyone involved, especially your family. It should also incorporate a sense of warmth and a touch of your personality.

When you have decided it is time to have your kitchen remodelled, you will need a plan to make things happen. With the help of a kitchen remodelling checklist, you will know exactly what to do and when it should be done. Here is a checklist for you to adhere to.

  • Choose a Good Season

The time of year that you decide to start the remodelling project will greatly affect your plans. There are many families that love entertaining their friends and loved ones during the holidays. If your family is among them, then having a kitchen remodel done during this time isn’t such a good idea. You should consider starting the project after the holidays are over. Also, if your family has any special occasions planned, such as a wedding or a graduation party, it’s wise to plan the project in a way that it can be completed at least two months before the event. Most homeowners tend to choose either summer or spring for a kitchen remodel. It’s easier to have picnics, outdoor grills and barbeques during the warm seasons.

  • Create a Design

Designing your kitchen is one of the most fun parts of the whole remodelling when you have been dreaming about your ultimate kitchen for a long time. Put together an elaborate design plan and keep up with the latest trends and styles so that the space doesn’t look dated as soon as it is complete. Browse through designer magazines and search the internet to get design ideas you can use. If your budget allows it, consider hiring an interior designer or an architect who can provide their expert advice for your project.

  • Know the Physical Space Well

The more you know about the physical space available to you, the better you will know what you need and during the remodelling process. It will also make explaining the job to the contractor much easier. You should have knowledge of whether the electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems are working properly or if they may need additional work to be done on them. Also, find out which of your walls are load bearing before having them knocked down. If you are considering changing the complete structural systems, consider hiring a building inspector.

  • Check the Building Codes

All municipalities have their own codes and processes to get permits. You may need a permit to make alterations including mechanical, plumbing, electrical and structural changes. If you have hired a contractor for the remodelling project, ask them whether they will take care of the permits for you or not. Also, check with the local building to find out about the necessary paperwork and other requirements. It may take as long as a couple of weeks to have your application reviewed. So you must have enough time on your hands while applying.

  • Prepare Before You Order

Cabinets, flooring countertops and appliances aren’t orders that are placed every-day. Certain things you should consider when ordering them are space and time. The materials and products you need should also be ordered well in advance so you don’t have to wait to start the remodelling. Special materials can take up weeks to arrive and you may also have to face problems related to the delivery company or the manufacturers. When the products are delivered to you, inspect them carefully before having them installed or stored to be used later.

  • Think About the Extras

When designing your new kitchen, you should pay attention to the extras that can make your life much easier while also making your kitchen look pleasant. Have a walk-in pantry made to make your life much easier. Think about having a wine cooler, though it may sound extravagant, it could help make your wine more enjoyable. You could also think about incorporating a small space where you can sit with your laptop or store household items on.

Kitchen remodelling is among one of the most anticipated and dreaded projects at the same time. The project should be planned with your comfort in mind. Thinking about these items and incorporating them can help ensure you have a smooth kitchen remodelling.

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