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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Solutions

Euroline Kitchens has been serving Mississauga since 2004 with high-quality kitchen and bathroom renovation and reconstruction services. These services give clients the opportunity to give their homes the ultimate makeover. Our dedicated service over the years and consistent quality have helped us to build our reputation. If you are looking for bathroom renovations in Mississauga, our showroom can be your one-stop destination. We have top designers working with us who can give you the ideal customization for your home.

Why Choose Custom Bathroom Renovation?

Euroline Kitchens has a wide variety of services available, but our speciality is in custom fitting cabinetry and other components of a bathroom. By hiring bathroom renovation contractors, you can expect to get the following:

  • Fixtures that match and fit even unconventionally shaped washrooms. Custom made cabinetry for irregularly shaped bathroom are also available.
  • A variety of countertop materials to choose from such as granite, laminate and quartz.
  • Several colour schemes, backsplash, tiles, and bathroom flooring choices. There is an extensive collection of all these items in our showroom.
  • A made-to-fit design that complements the layout of your home.
  • Improved functionality and space optimization in your home.
  • Superior quality cabinets and fixtures compared to what you’d find at regular retail stores.

We have skilled contractors who will supervise the entire project from beginning to end. We are dedicated to materializing your ideas and giving them shape. Those living in Mississauga can easily reach us to explore our products and services.

Call (905) 828-1500 to book an appointment with us.

Tips to Choosing the Right Bathroom Renovation Services

Not everyone has the same requirements which is why Euroline Kitchens has customized solutions for every client. If you want your new bathroom to match your needs, follow these tips when remodelling your bathroom.

  • Determine the materials that you want to use for your renovation work. Different materials like granite, quartz and other have different types of textures and quality which add to the value as well as aesthetics of the bathroom.
  • Consider whether you need complete remodelling or a partial renovation. The experts can guide you on that if you are unable to decide.
  • Take accurate measurements of your bath area first and then research on the different kinds of renovation services possible for that shape.
  • Determine a clear layout for the kind of design you want and explain it clearly to the designers so that they can quickly draw the blueprint for you.
  • Allow the designers enough freedom to work out their designs and ideas. They have the expertise gathered from years of experience and hence will be able to give you advice on cost-effective designs and solutions for your home.
  • The bathroom renovation cost will depend on the designs, materials, and features you want.

Euroline Kitchens welcomes everyone to discuss their project and share ideas. Come to our showroom in Mississauga, for the best bathroom renovation solutions at reasonable rates.

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