4 Important Tips to Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colours

When you’re choosing a colour for a kitchen cabinet always remember that it can transform a place completely. It occupies a huge space so selecting the right colour for this furniture piece is important. That’s because it can increase or decrease the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can choose your favourite colour, but make sure that it blends well with the rest of the interiors and kitchen accessories.

If you’re planning to choose a colour for your kitchen cabinets, then this blog-post by Mississauga’s renowned kitchen cabinetry experts is meant for you. We are going over several helpful tips that can come handy for you in the selection process.

Tips to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Colours

Consider the cabinet style

Considering the cabinet style can be your guide as there are some specific colours that suit certain cabinet types. For instance, an inset cabinet looks traditional because of the drawer fitted inside the cabinet frame, thus choosing a light brown or subdued cream shade is a good idea as it can add up to its aesthetics. On the other hand, if you have shaker, slab or beadboard cabinet in your kitchen, you can opt for full white, cream or off-white colours which will complement contemporary interiors. In addition, you can choose dark mahogany for simple cabinet styles to create a contrast in the kitchen.

Study the kitchen size

The kitchen size plays a major part in choosing the right colour as the latter can open or close a space. If you have a small kitchen, then you should choose neutral shades over dark ones to make your cooking area appear bigger. You can select bright colours such as yellow, red or orange if you have a well-lit and a bigger space. But, for the latter colour scheme, make sure you paint the walls with a neutral shade to create a visual balance irrespective of the kitchen size.

Pay attention to your current wall paint

It’s best to pick the cabinet colour after considering the existing wall paint unless you’re looking to remodel your entire kitchen. If you have white walls, then you can either opt for white cabinetry or a dark mahogany one based on your preferences. On the other hand, dark walls complement furniture pieces with neutral shades.

Scan the lighting

Usually, the centre of a kitchen is well-lit compared to the rest of the area. That’s because the cooking and preparation take place at the kitchen island, so many homeowners focus there than elsewhere. But if you want to fix spotlights beneath the cabinet that are fixed at the upper part of a kitchen to highlight the countertop, then make sure you choose a cabinet colour that will not strain your eyes while you work.

Some Kitchen Colour Trends

Many homeowners prefer following some colour trends such as:

  • White

All white cabinets look chic, modern and contemporary but it requires a lot of maintenance. If you like to put in some extra effort, then you can invest in one.

  • Gray

For a neutral shade lover, a grey cabinet will be a perfect choice. This looks old-school and blends well with a transitional decor style.

  • Dark Colours

Dark cabinets never fail to make a style statement provided the kitchen space is bigger and not smaller. That’s because dark colours cramp up a space than creating an illusion of more area in your kitchen.

  • Statement Colours

Any bright colour like red, pink, yellow or orange can add spunk to a modern kitchen. But to balance the vibrancy of these colours, make sure you have dark flooring and neutral coloured walls, countertop and backsplash.

Instead of taking a hasty decision, plan beforehand to avoid regretting your choice of kitchen cabinet colours! Revamp the look of your kitchen with these helpful tips from our cabinetry wizards, who have remodelled hundreds of kitchens in the Mississauga neighbourhood. We believe, the right selection of cabinet colours can magically transform the space from middling to mind-blowing.

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