The Best and Worst Flooring Ideas for Your Bathroom

A bathroom renovation can be a scary task since there’s a lot for you to consider. You have to think about how the space will be used, consider the kind of fittings you will install and decide between a bathtub and a shower area. All of these concerns can make it easy for you to overlook the flooring.

Practically, it is essential to choose the correct flooring that can withstand wet, moist and damp conditions, and still remain slip-proof to prevent accidents. With proper market research, you can come upon the right bathroom flooring which will also dictate the aesthetic side. In this post, we have put together different flooring options, pointing out what to choose and what to avoid.

The Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic is a popular favourite and is a great option if you are looking to add texture to an all-white bathroom. Look for custom designs for the ultimate luxurious look that can be made to look subtle or dramatic, depending on your preferences. There are mainly two different types of custom mosaic available. Ones where the tiles are individually cut and shaped to fit with a particular design and ones where the tiles are arranged into a repetitive pattern. However, know that both of these styles are required to be installed by a professional to guarantee a quality finish. Using single colour tiles that can be arranged in a grid formation is the simplest way of incorporating mosaic into your bathroom. The formation can be arranged on the mesh which adheres to the subfloor before its grouted over. This is a much simpler design than custom-made tiles and can also be found in numerous materials, shapes and sizes to fit your bathroom perfectly.

Natural Stone Tile

If you have a big budget for your renovation project, you can opt for natural stone floor tiles. The different varieties such as slate, limestone, sandstone, and marble provide the unmatched elegance of stone. However, you should know that going for this option will instantly result in an upgrade to your home receiving a grown-up look. Another noteworthy aspect of natural stone flooring, like polished marble, is that they can present slip-hazards, which may result in serious accidents. There are definitely other products that can help you create an anti-slip surface or you can also choose to go for a finish which has a more rugged surface, like textured limestone or slate flagstone.

Encaustic Tiles

Just like mosaic tiles, encaustic tiles have built-in patterns that allow you to show off your personal style to the fullest. Also known as cement tiles, they have recently seen a resurgence over the past few years which is encouraging designers to re-interpret classic designs and incorporate them into contemporary and modern designs. This has resulted in the emergence of many new patterns you can choose from.

Concrete/Poured Cement

Concrete or poured cement provides an opportunity for a seamless floor which can be left as it is or polished to provide a mirror-like glossy surface. This flooring can also be painted or stained according to your personal tastes to suit the look of your bathroom. With the absence of grout lines, gaps or any seams, these floors are a great option for wet rooms that are prone to facing mildew problems. Its sleek finish is much easier to clean and keep clean for a long time since there are no nooks and crannies for any mould or mildew to grow. However, it is advisable to hire an experienced professional since a poorly mixed product can make the space look unattractive and overall poor.

The Worst Bathroom Flooring Ideas

These next options are best avoided when you think there is a possibility that the moisture levels may be particularly high in your bathroom.

Hardwood Flooring

Though hardwood is a beautiful flooring option, it’s not recommended that it be installed in bathrooms since wood is a porous material. This means it will absorb the water and moisture from daily use and also expand and shrink as it dries. It, in turn, can lead to twisting, swelling and warping that can result in gaps appearing in-between the planks and result in the floor becoming uneven and rough. Engineered hardwood is made from a combination of plywood and hardwood and so, offers better moisture resistance than solid hardwood, but then again, only if you keep it relatively dry. However, it is best to avoid installing any kind of hardwood flooring in your home.


This is definitely not something that’s unheard of, but installing carpets in your bathroom is no doubt a bad idea. It’s an outdated style and given the spongy padding underneath the fibrous top layer, it’s an excellent material which can both absorb and retain moisture, making it a terrible choice. Although the least slippery and a warm alternative to other types of flooring, it is best avoided.

Selecting a flooring material for your bathroom is very different from choosing the flooring for the rest of your home. With so many options available it can be really hard for you to decide on the perfect option for your space. Choosing from the suggestions listed above can help you get something that complements your décor while also holding up to unique demands of the humid and wet atmosphere.

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